The Holy Coca Leaf Infusion
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Coca Leaves
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Is Coca Tea a Drug?

Even tough the leaves of the coca plant contain several alkaloids including cocaine, it does not mean that coca leaf is equivalent to cocaine because to produce cocaine from the leaves it isneeded several kilos of leaves and some chemical products and processes to extract a few grams of cocaine which is not the case when consuming the leaves naturally and directly as a tea.

The tiny quantities of alkaloid that are naturally present in coca leaves provide only a slight energising sensation and are not addicting at all. In Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador, indigenous people chew coca leaves for energy to work all day long without eating.

Coca tea is sold in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador in the supermarkets besides the other kinds of teas, there is even no limitation of age to purchase coca tea. It is seen as another kind of tea in these countries and it is starting to be seen as so in the rest of the countries.

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